Faculty of Law

On the Development of Legal Education in Bremen

The Law Degree Programme was established in Bremen in 1971. In the winter semester of 1971/72, the first courses were offered at the newly founded University of Bremen. The trial single-stage Law Programme was to be part of a fundamental reform of legal education after Federal legislation had paved the way for such a reform with an „experimental clause“ in the Deutsches Richtergesetz (DRiG – German Law on Judges).

To begin with, the Law Programme, Economics and Social Sciences were combined in one faculty. The intended interdisciplinarity of the programme was accompanied by a two-semester integrated social science basic course for all first years at the faculty and allowed for students transferring to another course of study. In 1982, the Faculty was divided and the Law Programme was established as a separate faculty with its own professors.

After the 3rd Amendment of the DRiG declared the end of the reform phase, the classic „two-stage“ legal education was re-introduced in Bremen in the winter semester of 1985/86 (University studies followed by the Referendariat – a period of practical training).

With the Amendment of sect. 5a DRiG, the so-called Schwerpunktbereichsstudium (specialised subject studies) was introduced in Bremen in 2003. The objective of the two-semester specialised subject studies is the in-depth study and further development of the core subject in subject areas chosen by the students themselves. At the University of Bremen, students can choose between six different areas of specialisation (foundations of law, environmental law and public economic law, labour and social law in the international and supranational context, information, health and medical law as well as criminal law and criminal policy in Europe). All specific subjects are characterised by strong references to the basics of jurisprudence. The courses are closely coordinated with the main research areas of the Faculty’s Institutes, which guarantees a very high quality of academic education.

In addition to the traditional two-stage legal education, the Faculty of Law has offered a further legal study programme in co-operation with the University of Oldenburg (Hanse Law School) since the winter semester of 2002/2003, consisting in a four-year Bachelor course (LL.B.) and a subsequent one-year Master course (LL.M.). The programme offered by the Hanse Law School is intended for students aiming to work in international organisations, European institutions or multinational companies.

Detailed up-to-date information on the individual courses of study can be found on the respective homepages.