Studying through Research from the Very Beginning

Contact person at the Faculty of Law for the project „Studying through Research from the Very Beginning – the Potential of Heterogeneity (ForstA)“

Dr. Lisa Lüdders

Universitätsallee, GW1
28359 Bremen 
Office: GW 1, B 1131
Tel.: +49 (0)421 218-66106
Fax: +49 (0)421 218-66099
Office hours: by appointment

What does „Studying through Research“ mean?

The project „Studying through Research from the Very Beginning – the Potential of Heterogeneity (ForstA)“, which is financed by the “Teaching Quality Pact” programme of the Federal and Länder governments, has a number of objectives:

  • close coordination of research and teaching
  • quality assurance in teaching
  • possibilities of using the potential of heterogeneous students

Lisa Lüdders is the contact person for the realisation of teaching projects related to “Studying through Research” as well as all questions concerning quality assurance in teaching. 
All lecturers and students are invited to contact Lisa Lüdders Schmidt with any questions or suggestions related to these fields.

Extract of the information on ForstA on the University homepage

“With the project ForstA, the University intends to implement improvements of the entire cycles of studies, beginning with the transition from school to university or work to university. The objective of the measures is an improvement of the content and didactics of teaching, the quality of studies and the competences of students. An understanding of the disciplinary core of the subject is to be acquired at an early stage, during the introductory phase of studies. The teaching of key competences will be reinforced and the final phase of studies is to be accompanied by research and writing workshops. The heterogeneity of students will not only be taken into account but taken advantage of as a valuable resource of the university.”


  • development and quality assurance of measures promoting studying through research
  • coordination of quality-assuring ForstA project measures and existing quality management of the Faculty of Law
  • extension and coordination of the key qualifications
  • development of a faculty concept for studying through research
  • cooperation and coordination of the entire ForstA process at the Faculty of Law