Centre of European Law and Politics


The Centre of European Law and Politics, University of Bremen (ZERP), is an interdisciplinary research institute which was established as a foundation in 1982 by the Senate of the “Freie Hansestadt Bremen”. Its specific feature is an interdisciplinary approach, involving Law, Political and Social Sciences and encompassing political theory, international relations, gender studies, legal theory and sociology, as well as European and international constitutional law, business law and private law.

The research activities of ZERP are carried out in collaboration with the faculties of Law, Social and Economic Sciences of the University of Bremen. The Centre of European Law and Politics is affiliated with the International Graduate School of Social Sciences, the collaborative research centre “Transformations of the State” and the newly established research association Welfare Societies. In addition to this, ZERP also works with prominent foreign partner institutions such as ARENA - Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo, European University Institute Florence, the Insitute of European and Comparative Law University of Oxford, University of Sassari and Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento S.Anna Pisa.

Since January 2009, ZERP has become integrated as an institute within the university. Activities carried out at ZERP are allocated into three programme areas, each with further research fields. The research fields are directed by ZERP directors, ZERP fellows and ZERP post doctoral researchers.