Projects of ZERP

The research on European Law and Politics emphasises the inter-disciplinary conduits. The aim is to acquire a perspective on the possibility of transnational democratisation that is also based on knowledge about social theories and that is associated with the ideal of socially just transnational constitutional law. How can global governance be committed to human rights as well as the protection of natural resources and be based on prinsiples of democratic and peaceful governance? 

The three project fields mentioned in the ZERP programme thus deal with three central dimensions of the creation of a constitutional order. Democratic constitutions entitle the citizens to rights adequate to protect them from state measures and to social grants. They serve to protect domains of autonomy and the ecological bases of our existence (Environmental protection and human rights protection). Besides, constitutions provide for forums and procedures to peacefully decide social conflicts and facilitate the democratic disposition about the social order (Transnational democracy and peace). Finally, the European constitutional tradition embraces a postulation of redistribution and justice through the command of the welfare state that aims at ending social inequality. How can to guarantee the social responsivity of the economic order is thus the central question. (The economic system and social justice). The research of the ZERP focuses on the question how these core functions of a constitution can be re-formulated in the european and transnational dimension.