Institutes of the Faculty

In the 1970s and 80s the Faculty of Law was associated with avant-garde research and teaching, which resulted in some conflicts with the mainstream of the scientific community. Since then, the Bremen subjects of those years have become central social challenges for today‘s legal science.

The strengthening of consumer rights through European consumer protection was an early concern of the Bremen faculty.

The regulatory framework of present and future health care systems has been researched by the renowned Institute for Information, Health and Medical Law since the 1990s.

The climate change and overfishing of the oceans were already research subjects of the Research Centre for European Environmental Law when the issues were still widely regarded as „ecologist prophecies of doom“.

Social and economic law have been traditionally practised from a European perspective and in interdisciplinary co-operation with political and economic science in Bremen, a tradition above all represented by the Centre of European Law and Politics.

Research on the labour market and social security systems integrates labour and social law and the gender perspective, referring to European and international standards of a globalised work environment and emphasizing the link with social sciences.

Criminal law research in Bremen has always shown a strong interest in the criminal policy framework of the development of European criminal law and the important areas of criminal drug law, criminal environment law, criminal economic law and the modernisation of sanctions and procedures.

The most recently established institute of the Faculty is the Institute for Commercial Law founded in December 2012. The Institute combines the Faculty’s expertise in the fields of commercial, corporate and economic law.