Institute for Commercial Law

Institute for Commercial Law

Department I: Private Law, international Commercial and Economic Law, Legal Theory
(Prof. Dr. Gralf-Peter Calliess)

Department II: Private Law, international Commercial and Corporate Law

The Institute for Commercial Law bundles the faculty's expertise in the areas of commercial, corporate and economic law. The research activities at the Institute focus on the internal and external legal relations of commercial enterprises including their European, international and transnational dimensions. 



Prof. Dr. Gralf-Peter Calliess
(Managing Director) 


Members of the Institute for Commercial Law:

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grashoff
(honorary professor for commercial and corporate law)

Prof. Dr. Heinz Goddar
(honorary professor for industrial property protection)





PD Dr. Gerrit Hölzle
(private lecturer for private law)
PD Dr. Birgit Spießhofer M.C.J. (New York Univ.)
(private lecturer)

Uwe Lissau
Uwe Lissau 
(President Amtsgericht Bremerhaven)


RA Dr. Dirk Weitze-Scholl, LL.M
(associate professor for corporate law)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wieske
(associate professor)