Curriculum Vitae

Professor of Civil Law, Health Law and Medical Law

  • 1990-1995 Studies in law at Augsburg and Munich
  • 1997 Doctor Iuris
  • 1998 Second State Examination in Law
  • 1999-2005 Scientific Assistant at the University of Munich
  • 2001 Bavarian Habilitation Award
  • 2002 LL.M. (UCLA)
  • 2004 Visiting professor at the University of Osaka
  • 2005 Habilitation; Award of the Deutsche Stiftung für Recht und Informatik
  • Since 2007 Professor at the University of Bremen
  • Director of the Institute for Information, Health and Medical Law
  • Since July 2011 Chair of the Ethics Committee of the University of Bremen
  • Since April 2014 Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Law