State examination

The state examination, which is taken after the completion of university studies (first state examination) and the practical stage (second state examination), remains the most important degree for law students in Germany,. The second state examination confers the qualification to hold judicial office and is also a prerequisite for admission as a lawyer. 

The first state examination is set in part by the university (university examination concluding specific subject studies) and in part by the state examination office (written examination following the completion or course requirements at the university). Information sessions on possible combinations of university examination and state examination are offered on a regular basis (for dates see “Aktuelles”).

It is not expected that the Bologna process will prevail in legal education with the Bachelor/Master degrees replacing traditional courses In the near future. Whether traditional courses are future-oriented and the best choice in view of the perspectives of graduates on the European and international employment market is much debated. Information on an alternative course can be found on the website of the Hanse Law School.

For further information on the state examination procedure see the homepage of the Justizprüfungsamt (state examination office) of the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in Bremen.